What is Biplantol?

Biplantol, bee, and flowers

Biplantol's organic formula is safe and non-toxic for plants, animals, and beneficial organisms

Biplantol is an organic solution developed by horticulturalists to strengthen plants and soil.

Our formula optimizes natural plant function, increases soil fertility, and reduces the need to use pesticides and fungicides.

With a combination of minerals, essential trace elements, uronic acids, germanium, worm humus, and plant extracts, Biplantol promotes the health and vitality of your plants and supports the living soil, including mycorrhizae and beneficial microorganisms.

Biplantol results include:
•    Increased yields
•    Strong, even plant growth
•    Optimal root formation
•    Better soil quality, structure, biodiversity, and water retention
•    Strengthening of the rhizosphere
•    Enhanced resistance against disease, pests, stress, and pollution
•    Regeneration of damaged and diseased areas