How does Biplantol work?

Biplantol’s formula boosts plant and soil health by focusing on three fundamental areas:

1. Healthy Nutrition: For efficient and productive plant growth, a balanced range of available plant-based nutrients is essential. Knowing the importance of this balance, we enriched Biplantol with a blend of nutrients and trace elements. After being treated with Biplantol, plants are better able to get the exact nutrients they need for healthy growth through their root system.

2. Support of Microorganisms, Mycorrhizae, and Root Systems: In nature, a complex system exists between soil microorganisms, mycorrhizae, and the plant root systems that allows for the breakdown and absorption of organically bounded nutrients. The processed worm humus found in Biplantol specifically supports the humus soil, as well as the growth of roots. By maintaining a balanced interaction between bacteria, mycorrhizae, and the root system, Biplantol significantly improves plant nutrient supply while reducing the need for fertilizer.

3. Detoxification and Metabolism: Today, plants are exposed to numerous environmental factors, including pollution and pesticides, that slow growth, make them more susceptible to disease, and decrease overall health. For this reason, uronic acids and organic germanium are added to Biplantol to support the decontamination process. By invigorating plant metabolism, Biplantol helps plants to overcome the toxic effects of pollution of all kinds.

Biplantol keeps healthy plants healthy and helps sick plants recover naturally.